Church On Sunday- Grace

Trust Issues

This relationship shit tho...! not that I'm in one. lol. I'm again single. Yall I got some serious trust issues ..

Him- "Mieka I want to be with you
Me- "uuummmm"
Him- "What does that mean"
Me- "IDK... I mean I just ... well.. ummm"

It means that for some reason, something that you have already did got me thinking you playing... and I just do not have the time for non-sense.

I've done the whole love thing before and when its good, its wonderful, laugh when its raining wonderful, but hunni when its bad....
So I have some real trust issues people
It's not that I think that all men are bad, but if I get any feeling At all that it's not right ....



                      It's funny how 2 years become 5 years and 5 years become 10.

10 years ago I was 23 and I just knew that there was         something out there that was MORE. 2 years later I was still convinced that this MORE was real and 5 years after that I think I was just at a stand still. At 33 I'm once again searching for my MORE. More love, more confidence, more happy, more

 And I'm excited because I realize now more than ever that I am responsible for my MORE. It seems crazy to say that because we are always responsible for our life, our happy and whatever state of being that we wish to receive, unfortunately we don't all see that at 7 or 14 or even 21 so we continue to wait for this BIG thing to happen to us that only we can make happen for ourselves.
So here I am 33, making plans to return to school to have more, be more and achieve more because I know that I'm worth it and smart enough to obtain it. So here I am at 33 and I'm ok with who I am and even though I'm not Dr. Adams or Ms. CEO or simply Mrs. I am a person who realizes that you only get one life and that my choices are mine, my happiness is mine and so what if I'm not completely 'there' yet's a process and I'm more than willing to smile on my way to wherever 'there' is.

Pamieka La Joy Adams