Kem "Share My Life"

Makes any difference
I still love you girl
You're my weakness
You changed my world

Share my life
Trust in me
You're all I want
Everything I need (baby)

Makes any difference
I give you all my heart
Girl my sun sets
Anywhere you are

Maybe I'm a dreamer
You're still my queen
Your love's like a river girl
Runnin' right through me

Share my life
Trust in me
Everything you need

Makes any difference
I still love you girl
You're my weakness
I looooooove this song


Have you ever just wanted someone to be.. what they wasn't? Just wanted them to be .. more? That is how I feel about a lot of people in my life. I want them to be more strong, more kind.. more...THEM. The selfish thing is that I don't know if I want them to be this way for themselves or ... for me. I want them to be more hard working, more giving, more loving, more so that they can be someone I can love more, respect more. I want them to want more then just what they have, to be more then just what they are.
I keep meeting all these people who seem to almost be missing something... to not have enough of .. something. People who need MORE.
 I recently started to chat with a guy I used to date, and their are so many good things about him that maybe some other woman would be happy to call him her own, but I don't think that I would. I would like him to be more.. someone who I want to be more for. And while he is highly educated in the way of books and school.. I think his education is very lacking when it comes to women.. if only he knew..more.
Maybe the problem bloggers is that I need to be more. More understanding, more nice,... more ME. I don't know but the world seems to be full of empty people needing to be filled.


I'm a little crazy today bloggers.. I don't know. I feel happy and sad all at once. I guess its an emotional day for me. So much that I have overcame and yet here I am blessed and alive and you know what regardless of all that has passed and all that is gone I am still here able to be happy for yet another day. Today I thank GOD for every single thing that makes me.. me. No I don't have the best of everything and No I have not gotten to where I want to be in life but guess what? I live and I have another opportunity to make it right. GOD is so Awesome. When I think of all the time I spent in confusion and anger when my brother passed and the amount of understanding I have now... I tell you bloggers it is a long way that I have come.. still a long way to go :) but I understand that it was a blessing to have him for just one day. I understand that all things including life only last for a season.
Anyway bloggers I don't know I sometimes go to another place and I just feel Joy in all that I have been through and all that is just good in my life. I'm so happy that I am me.. and yeah I know that I often say that but the thing is that their are so many unhappy people walking around here and so many bitter people who don't seem to realize that happiness is just  a choice away. I'm just glad that I do realize it.

Cameron "Cam" Jerrell Newton

I'm not at all a football fan. I could care less about Alabama vs. Auburn and who is going to win BUT hunni Mr. Cam Newton 6'6, 250lbs is so fine that I am willing to cheer for Auburn for the rest of my life

look at that eyes..legs...hunni just look at him and tell me this is not a super sexy guy.

...Pretty fat chicks..

I found this post online at and wanted to share it.

This is just a gripe session, but it sort of relates to another thread about being ugly.
My gripe is, I am still, after almost two weeks of dieting and watching every calorie, 205 pounds on a 5'6" body. Ok. I went through the whole 'body acceptance' and 'be happy first, then lose weight' deal. I bought size 20 clothes from Lane Bryant (supposedly fashion conscious and chic), got my haircut, revamped my makeup routine and did everything possible to feel somewhat attractive at my current weight.

But it never fails that I run in to some 300 pound woman who's got heads turning in the supermarket. Not because she is huge, but because she is beautiful. These women emanate grace, beauty, sexuality. It isn't just me noticing. I can be out with my skinny friends who are no less attractive, according to my perception, yet we often get 'upstaged' by these truly big beauties that work a crowd like Marylin Monroe.

What is the freakin deal? I can't get a look at 200 pounds and size 20. I can't get a look at 150 pounds and size 14. Yet, I am plagued my the fact that there are women who wake up in the morning, ignore the scale, climb in to their size 28 jeans and take on the world!

Does that bother anyone else?
It is so important to have confidence in yourself and to believe that you are pretty ... everyone has issues just b/c you can't see them don't mean that they are all good with who they are... I think people should concentrate on themselves and their own happiness


Last night after class I was talking to a classmate of mine, and I don't remember what we were talking about but I made a comment about me being fat. She said "don't be negative about yourself" I told her that I wasn't and went on to tell her how I feel about the word fat. Fat is often times used as an insult but in my world its just a fact. I have been fat all my life, it's just one thing about me. I told her that saying I'm fat is the same as saying I'm Black... again just some basic facts about who I am. I went on to tell her that I am a confident, beautiful, intelligent woman and adding the word fat to that group of words did not take from all the good things about me.
Guess what bloggers I'm fat, lol but then you know that by the pictures huh? :) If you have read any of my past blogs then you know that I have been fighting a battle with this 'fat' all my life, so saying I'm FAT does not bother me. This has been me forever, it would be crazy of me to have a problem with using that word after all I have no issue at all with any of the other words used to describe me ..pretty,cute, tall, nice, mean, fun, lame, shy and yeah fat. I am who I am and thats it.
Again I am not saying being fat is all good lol in fact I have written about how hard it was for me growing up as a fat little girl and how hard it is today living as a fat Lady BUT like I always say happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy