Fat Fight

SOooo I stopped WW... and working out for about 2 weeks. I am so sad about that because I gained and now I have to move backward. It is so hard to re-start a diet, but today was my first day back on and I did ok...not as well as I wanted to but I now have the ball rolling and once again I'm back to the fat fight. Sad I have to re-lose what I gained plus more to reach my next goal but happy because I know that I can do this.

Heel Envy (Hating)

I am so freakin hating on all thease high, freak 'em, heel wearing chicks. I can not wait until I drop another 50lbs b/c I am so doing the heel. I'm going to be 6'5 in them but oh well. I love sexy give it to me heels. lol The reason that I'm not into wearing them now is because I just think they are too much for me at my height and size. (Nothing agaist the big girls who are... hunnie more power to you
I am so hating on Ms. Naica in these wedge blue suede heels.