Freakin PMS

So I have went off the WW path again. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DIET WHILE PMSing. Eating everything in sight right now. My over eating has always been emotional based and right now I feel fat, not pretty, fat, sad, did I say fat? Awwwww I have gained a freakin pound and that has made me even more moody. Not at all having a good week....
I may go get my hair done over the weekend...and my nails. Really hope that helps these mood swings and the not feeling pretty thing.
Looking up prevention methods for pms on Google because I need Help!

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Prevention

You cannot prevent premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but you can take measures to reduce your risk of having severe premenstrual symptoms by:
  • Taking daily calcium and vitamin B6 (50 mg to 100 mg). Calcium and vitamin B6 may help relieve PMS symptoms.
  • Getting regular exercise, which increases natural brain chemicals (endorphins) that reduce pain and provide a feeling of well-being.
  • Eating a balanced diet that helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. Eat small meals with complex carbohydrates, whole grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid refined sugar, as well as excessive fats, salt, and alcohol.
  • Reducing stress with time management practices, enough rest, and relaxation techniques.
  • Limiting the amount of caffeine in your diet.
  • Quitting smoking, if you smoke.


Women are .... funny. I'm the kind of woman, I always try to be the kind of woman, who is kind to other women. I'm not at all afraid to give another woman a compliment, in fact I like to. I realized a long time ago that regardless of how pretty someone else may be, or how slim she still have insecurities. I have known skinny girls who thought they were too skinny, fat girls who hated being fat, dark skinned who wanted to be light skinned, women with straight dark, and thin hair who wanted thicker hair or light hair or curly hair. I have known some of the prettiest women who believed that they were not as smart as others or as good as other people. I say this because.... Women are funny. Yes her hair may be beautiful, her skin lovely but you never know how she feels about herself. Instead of whispering in a corner be KIND. Tell her that her bag is fly, her shoes on point. A woman who is confident in herself can give other women compliments. Talking about someone else or being less than nice to them for no reason is a sign of jealousy and insecurity. 

Fear Not My Child Helen Baylor

In myself I've failed the Lord
Then was afraid to try once more
The fire in my soul had fled
That's when Jesus came and said

My spirit, gives the strength you need
To raise you up and to succeed
And for vision through the night
I'll give these words of light

Fear not my child
For I'm with you always
and I feel all of your pain
And I see all of your tears
Fear not my child
For I'm gonna be with you always
I know how to take care of
what belongs to me

He said my child don't look behind
Discouragement is all you're gonna find
Don't watch the waves as they roll on the sea
But just focus your eyes on me

And I will make you strong and then
Your shattered courage I'm gonna mend
And if you fall if you fall and should get hurt
Remember these eternal words
Fear not my child don't worry bout nothin for I'm gonna be with you always I'm gonna walk with you I'm gonna talk with you
A few years ago my grandma gave me some advice. I had messed up in school and lost my pell she said "Meka everybody makes mistakes, just don't keep making the same ones. Now stop crying and go back to that school and get your lesson." She paid for me to go to school the next semester, I still have no idea where my mama got the money, but she did and she put it in my hand and sent me back to school. Anyway bloggers I told that story because I don't understand why people keep doing the same ole' thang over and over again. The results of your actions were bad the first time why go back and not do it just once but again and again ...and again. I have some people who are really close to me who just won't stop stupid behavior. I just don't get it.

The F word

Fat.... wait did you think I was talking about another F word... lol (I'm so Lame). Anyway whats the big deal with the word fat. I am a person who use the word fat quite often.I will use it to refer to myself and yeah sometimes to refer to my friends, my family and the skinny dude across the room who has just demolished 2 large pizzas by his self with no freaking help ( skinny fat people make me sick).  I have friends who hate when I call myself fat, they actually cringe when I say the word as if they are in pain, and than they'll get this sad look on their face and say something like "you're not fat", or "Don't say that about yourself". After this they will go into all the good things that I have to offer and all the while I'm standing their trying to find a way to make them feel better about ME calling MYSELF fat.

I don't have as much a problem with the word fat as others seem to have, maybe because this have always been me, maybe because I know that I am more than simply that one word. I'm Black, Tall, and have a big head, too but I'm not offended by any of  that. Why should I allow just one word determine who I am. There is so much more to me than just what people see. I'm smart, funny, silly, kind hearted, friendly and so many other awesome things. I came to terms with who I am (and who I'm not) a long time ago. When I look at myself in the mirror I realize that I'm fat but I also see in myself things that are so much more than simply that one word.  Don't be afraid of the F word people after all their are far worse words in the English language.

Living the Fat Life

So after 3 weeks and 23lbs I up and stopped WW. PMS is always hell for my diets. But I'm back to the books and following the plan because I'm really aware of how different I feel when I am eating healthier and following a plan that will get me to my goal. I have yet to reweigh myself after my outer fat side took over my inner fab side, because lets face it bloggers I am utterly terrified at how much I may have gained. Shaking in my boots over here, but in the next hour I will be going to the store to restock my fruit and veggies and when I get back straight to the scale I am going. So not ready for those numbers to stare back at me BUT it's my fault for living the fat life and forgetting the before 30 (gosh that number) goal.