Women are .... funny. I'm the kind of woman, I always try to be the kind of woman, who is kind to other women. I'm not at all afraid to give another woman a compliment, in fact I like to. I realized a long time ago that regardless of how pretty someone else may be, or how slim she still have insecurities. I have known skinny girls who thought they were too skinny, fat girls who hated being fat, dark skinned who wanted to be light skinned, women with straight dark, and thin hair who wanted thicker hair or light hair or curly hair. I have known some of the prettiest women who believed that they were not as smart as others or as good as other people. I say this because.... Women are funny. Yes her hair may be beautiful, her skin lovely but you never know how she feels about herself. Instead of whispering in a corner be KIND. Tell her that her bag is fly, her shoes on point. A woman who is confident in herself can give other women compliments. Talking about someone else or being less than nice to them for no reason is a sign of jealousy and insecurity.