I don't think so brotha man

"that ones to stupid to keep"

I've written quite a bit about relationships, love, and crazy dudes. Well I have to revisit the subject. I recently met a guy... gave him my number took his ... blah blah blah same old song and dance. Well after the first conversation I was almost certain that NOTHING was going to happen with that, he was very cute but lacking brain power. Knowing that I can sometimes be ummmm just a little selective and not easy to please when it comes to men, I decided to give him another chance. WHY BLOGGERS WHY? Well I know why, it's because I'm single and I know that I don't want to be this way forever. One day I want to revisit the land of "in love" and than (after the ring and all that jazz) I would love to revisit the land of sex. But back to Mr. ewwwww. To just shorten the story he wanted sex, lots of it and different varieties... WITH ME WHOM HE KNOWS NOT AT ALL. Yall I'm not being naive I know that men want sex but I'm just so over some of the nasty, stupid things men say. I am not willing to randomly 'hook' up with some unknown dude hoping that it will turn into a relationship. According to new research someone in America becomes infected with AIDS every 9 minutes. That is huge numbers. When a new guy starts to talk sex really early I can't get pass it EVER. If I ever talk to him again all I can think about is the fact that he wanted to sleep with me up front, no questions asked, and that he may be infected. Maybe this sounds a little crazy to some but when you know the rate that people are dying from STDs you know that it's a very real thing. ...  anyway on to the next guy and next date.....

Nameless husbands

Do husbands not have names? A few years ago when my friends started to marry off  they would refer to their husbands by name. Now husbands are simply ... husbands not Mike or David or Lawrence but simply 'my husband' Example,  "What are you doing today hun?' answer "My husband and I are going out."  Question, "Are you still up for this years trip?" answer 'Yes, but my husband is coming along" I don't get it bloggers, do men loose their names when they get married? I just want to scream "SAY HIS FREAKIN NAME.... I KNOW WHO HE IS TO YOU ALREADY!!" I really hope that I don't ever do this. Not sure if this is only the people I know, I hope so because I hate to think that people are doing this everywhere. People who have Nameless husbands are annoying.

to love

I don't know how to write about anything other then love
I try but my pen stops me
I know that theirs more than love
but love is all I know
Can't seem to let go of all that's right or wrong with love
even when I'm not in love
So I write
with no one in mind
no sweetheart who fills my heart
no broken pieces left behind
I just write to love

Ruben Studdard - (I'm Single)

Really feeeling this new Ruben.