Nameless husbands

Do husbands not have names? A few years ago when my friends started to marry off  they would refer to their husbands by name. Now husbands are simply ... husbands not Mike or David or Lawrence but simply 'my husband' Example,  "What are you doing today hun?' answer "My husband and I are going out."  Question, "Are you still up for this years trip?" answer 'Yes, but my husband is coming along" I don't get it bloggers, do men loose their names when they get married? I just want to scream "SAY HIS FREAKIN NAME.... I KNOW WHO HE IS TO YOU ALREADY!!" I really hope that I don't ever do this. Not sure if this is only the people I know, I hope so because I hate to think that people are doing this everywhere. People who have Nameless husbands are annoying.