Goal 4

This year bloggers I want to be more.... me. I want to be more nice, more confident, more happy, more healthy, a better friend, aunt, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, girlfriend, daughter. I want to be more to the people who matter most. I also want to be more of a lady, more organized, and more prepared for the future. I want to be a better student, a better listener..... A better ME. I want to smile more, laugh more, enjoy each moment more. The month is almost over and I wanted to make sure that I had all my goals down so that I could start achieving them.  Goal 4 ... Is simply to be MORE.

Goal 3

It's crazy how sometimes you get stuck. Stuck in the same hairstyle, hometown, style of dress. I'm stuck bloggers, but not in any of those ways. I'm stuck waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I almost feel like it's right around the corner, which makes it really hard to just let go, move forward, and be happy. I've been extra stressed lately. I worry about everything and everyone. Let me tell you, doing this gets old fast. A few years ago I lost some very important people in my life and after some reckless behavior to cover the pain I decided that having them in my life for even just a second was better then never knowing them. It took awhile for me to realize that but I did. .. and I learned to be happy even though sadness had touched my life and changed it forever. I say all that because even with something that huge happening I was able to learn that some days I would cry and feel sad about the loss but I also learned to just be happy in the moment. Right now I'm finding it hard to simply be happy in today. 2012 Goal 3 Be grateful for the moments, explore... everything, and live life to the fullest.

Goal 2

Do you ever look back on your romantic past and wish that you could have loved someone bloggers? I sometimes think of all my past relationships and wish that 'He' would have been that one that I was willing to settle with. There is no doubt that I can look back and wish that I had been wanted more loved more by at least one of my exs. I'm pretty sure that most women can do that, after all, many of us have at least one heart break in the past. I don't believe in the whole love at first sight thing. I just think that's stupid. Nor do I think that there is just one person out there somewhere for each of us. What I do believe is that each of us has to find someone who works for us and our life. I sometimes look back and wonder if I have already found that and just didn't know it.
Anyway bloggers Goal 2 this year is to be more open to the possibilities.

2012 Goal 1. Getting My Happy Back

So bloggers I haven't been my normally happy self lately. I don't know why or even when it happened I just know that right now I'm not .... me. I'm not sad or depressed or anything like that .... just not happy. I think a lot of it has to do with just being in a rut. I almost never go out lately and when I do it's with co workers or other people who I can't really just be myself around, (I miss my girls). Right now I wake up everyday go to work, go to class, and then it's home to bed. By the time the weekend roll around... which I mostly work on.... I just want to relax with a book ... in silence. no words no sound... just me and a novel. GOSH when did I become so freakin Lame.
Goal 1. this year is to get my happy back, smile more (and mean it) laugh more, and get rid of this lameness.

New laptop YAY!

And I am back in business. It's been a while since I blogged but I have so missed putting my thoughts down and simply writing about my day. Its a New Year yall and although 2011 was good I have hopes that 2012 will be awesome. I know that when a new year starts everyone is talking big about what they want and will do. My goal is to set realistic goals for my life. In my next blog I promise to get them down but right now it's 12 am and has been a long time since 7am. I am sleepy. (I have to work on my lameness this year.... Single, Young, Pretty and ...home. ... On a Sat.) Anyway I just had to come on and say something.