....still fat

Ok yall I have been so freakin slacking with my diet. So tomorrow I'm going shopping and buying some healthy food and I'm so starting back walking everyday for an hour starting tomorrow. If you have read any of the blog you know that I love me and I am a very confident woman but yall I'm sick of being this fat ... I feel so different after this 50+ pounds that I have lost. I don't want to gain it back nor do I want to be content at this size... I want to be happy at a smaller size... I can so see the person I want to be ... shes waving at me.  I need this. I watched a show on tv tonight and this ex-fat lady said that after loosing all her weight she is now the person she has always been in her mind. And yall that is so me ... In my mind I'm just a happy free 27 year old lady. I don't think of myself as fat.... anyway I'm getting a lil sick of even typing about this I just want to be about it..... so therfore ...next

God's Will by Martina McBride *Lyrics*

lil dude

Feeling so freakin good about myself today ..... I saw this lil dude today and.. yall he is just so freaking H-O-T to meeee. oh lol but anyway.. don't even ask me what happened with that lil bit cause I really just don't know .. he walked over to me asked for my number .. he thought I was H-O-T ..lol... but anyway we talked a few times and ... well ummm I don't know it just didn't go anywhere but he was looking so oooh wee today that I may have to give it another go.. think I'ma text him now and see if he has the same number ...ummm to text or not to text...
Now that I think about it ... he was not forward enough for me I'm use to guys who are all in my face making sure I know that they like me... and another thing that made me "loose" his number... I felt that he was not being honest with me...and I just don't deal with lies.  ummm I don't kno yall we will se what happens ...


I want to write a poem that has nothing to do with ..you
Not your smile,..your laugh...
Nothing that mentions a thing about your sexy swag or deep dark eyes
I want my pen to flow across the paper like it use to
B4 there was a you and me
and late nights spent in blind bliss
B4 I started writing sappy pieces filled with impressions of you...
I want my words to stop hitting the paper like tears
Stop the sounds of agony they make when read aloud
I just want to write like I use to
 b4 your lies and mistreatment
poems that are just full of ME and empty of you

Still Fat...Still Pretty...

I have so not been in the blogging mood these last few days ... and I'm not really feeling it now but oh well I wanted to put up my pic ..lol.. I can't wait for class to start bloggers I really want to meet someone ... new. I didn't tell yall but how about I'm jobless again... Crazy right? Well I told you about the summer appendix issue.. well that whole thing lasted about two months and well I was new to my job. Good news is that my HR manager said that if I reapply she'll bring me back...NICE... I really need a job that I can hold on to until I get this school thing done and then its career time. So lets hope she 4real. Ok back to the someone new.. I don't necessarily mean I want a new man when I say someone new. I just mean new people. All my close friends live in different states except one. I just need new peeps to hang with..nothing wrong with the old but you know.. and if that something new happens to be a man who's tall dark and handsome ..then so much the better ..

Liegh Jones - Sick of Fools

  Love this song..listen to the words... I really am sick of fools