....still fat

Ok yall I have been so freakin slacking with my diet. So tomorrow I'm going shopping and buying some healthy food and I'm so starting back walking everyday for an hour starting tomorrow. If you have read any of the blog you know that I love me and I am a very confident woman but yall I'm sick of being this fat ... I feel so different after this 50+ pounds that I have lost. I don't want to gain it back nor do I want to be content at this size... I want to be happy at a smaller size... I can so see the person I want to be ... shes waving at me.  I need this. I watched a show on tv tonight and this ex-fat lady said that after loosing all her weight she is now the person she has always been in her mind. And yall that is so me ... In my mind I'm just a happy free 27 year old lady. I don't think of myself as fat.... anyway I'm getting a lil sick of even typing about this I just want to be about it..... so therfore ...next