Everybody who have ever been on any type of diet knows that the numbers on a scale can either make you so happy you feel like crying or make you so depressed you cry. Well bloggers guess what? Really guess... Those numbers have made me beyond happy. 46LBS LOST that's right 4freakin6 pounds. I am so happy right now.... Still Fat but moving in the direction of fit. 4lbs more until I reach my 50lb 3 month goal. Let's get it!!!

Recycled ex

So I recently hung out with an ex and well I don't know if the single life is getting to me but I kinda was ummm feeling him? lol the crazy thing is that I was never that into him. I mean we dated for 6 months and the whole time I was just ....killing time. sad I know, but sometimes a girl needs to get flowers, go to dinner and a movie....With a Man (sorry bestie but you know). Lately I have been feeling more Ms. Mieka (33 lbs will do that) and I think that its the confidence more than anything but the dudes are in my face HARD and it's crazy to  me that I have looked to the past for  a date. I don't know bloggers I am definitely going to explore the possibility of an ex becoming a now.

Still Fat

I know I have no posted anything lately about living the fat life....SO.... ok so I went off WW and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. The good news is that I have not gained, my total loss is still 33lbs and I have a freaking waist line right now... It's been a while yall. I feel so good about me right now. The bad news is that I have not lost anything in the past 3weeks (namely b/c I haven't been doing right) and starting up again is hard. I'm not over eating but I know that I'm not in my point range either. So my 3month goal was 50lbs and my 3months are not over until June 4th so I sill have time to do what I need to. 20lbs in a month means that I can't at all go over my points and mother's day right around the corner too :( oh well I didn't go into this thinking it was going to be easy I went into this knowing it was going to be hard so lets get it!!