I'm sitting here..need to be studying... thinking about my life. I'm's just crazy how time flies. in less then 3 years I'll be 30. This is so not where where I saw my life being 10 years back. At 17 the world seem so different new. lol But anyway this is not a sad down and out blog. it's just some thoughts. I look at older people around me and I always wonder how they got to the point that they are at now. My mom is 53 years old in all of my 27 years I haven't seen her do much of anything ... travel nowhere. How do you get to that place where hope ends and life simply begins. And yeah I know this is not how it is for everyone but I know so many people who just seem to be living life unhappy. my goal is to be happy no matter where I am .. who I'm with or what I'm doing. I want to be more then content with my life . I want to live. I want to laugh. I want to love. I don't want to ever be in a place in my life where my regrets are bigger then my accomplishment, more regrets then the moments that have made me happy. I don't want my life to just simply get away from me.
I feel like I need a new chapter another page in this story of life
Anyway ... I feel like I need something new right now. I don't know a new place.. new friend ... just something new.. I have no plans on leaving the old behind but...I ... just... need....Something.