I don't know how I got to this point ..
but I'm not sure if I even like you
know that I love you after all this friendship has been going on for years
but do I like you?
I hate how you lie by omitting things
and I hate that so much about you is in shadow
I hate how you think you're nice when in fact you're anything but
I hate how inconsiderate you are and how you never seem to be willing to simply offer to help
not sure when this happened but maybe it's always held true
maybe circumstances pushed us together
maybe it wasn't simply me and you
I hate that sometimes you seem so fake
so uncaring so not a friend
I hate that I still want to be there for you
make you smile when you're sad
be your support when you're in need
you know the way it always seem to be
me there for you ... you sometimes there for me
I hate that you're so in tuned with my life
and yet I'm standing on the outside of yours
don't know how much longer I can just be here
Cause see I'm not sure if I even like you anymore