So I like him
not sure if this is simply attraction or something more
not sure if it will last or end before it even starts
but I'm willing
willing to take his hand and follow where ever he leads

as long as where he leads is where I'm willing to follow
if he understands my need for friendship without sex
my need for honesty even when the truth hurts
and my need for trust because if  I'm with him that is truly where I want to be

So I like him
the way he smiles at me when our eyes meet
the way my skin flushes red when he holds my hand
the way I feel like a preteen when hes near..
that first crush that made me giggle and stare

but wait
Lets not get carried away
I like him but this could be over tomorrow
not sure how he feels if this is real
but I'm willing to open my mind to the possibility
of... maybe