can I read to you

Some ladies dance a dance of temptation
rapped in silk that flows as they slowly move to a beat only their lover can hear
Some women sing songs by Luther
In a pretty bird like voice as their significant others listens
and some simply use their eyes to hypnotize
their bodies to mesmerize
But I want to read to you
speak this poem slowly ... softly to you
Use my voice to seduce you
My words will enchant you
warming your body and speeding your pulse
Send out an invitation just for you
Some women giggle in charming ways
others pose in model stances
Some use the whiteness of their smiles
all just to draw him closer
But I want to read to you
Captivate you with the intelligence of my words
Excite you with the visions they bring to mind
you and me not just bodies combined but minds intertwined
I want to read to you
Can I.... read to you
speak this verse and fascinate you
make a rhyme that will entice you
My composition so unique that it touches you
Some women play coy
bat their eyes and blush
But me... *smile*
I just want to read to you