I feel heavy weighed down by ..what I don't know but I need... to release
remove this weight from my chest this chip off my shoulder and just let go..
pour it all out onto a sheet of paper
fill a notebook up with ink
I need... I need...... to.... write
make my words cry so that my eyes don't have to
empty my heart of misery so happiness can take it's place
I need to just feel something different
then what I feel right now.
I need to ...
Let go of things ... people that don't matter to me
just unleash
My mind is racing...stressing
can't take this
looking all around for my pen
I need ... I need my pen
got to get this out
My frustration seems boundless
and if I don't write it in a verse
I'ma let go on her face
why is she talking
Ooooh I need to write
I feel confused, angry, sad
and I can't seem to make any of it go away
I just need ... to put it all on paper
I always feel better after I write
I feel better after I write
after it's all down the world feels right
I have to surrender myself to words
submit to the verse
I need to..write

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Anonymous | October 1, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Girl I FEEEL YOU On This.
Writing Frees US...And Has The Ability To Heal US and Tap Into The Deeper US.