Just me ... marriage

so I was having a conversation with hmmm what to call him.... Well a guy who I have known for a few years now. I asked him how he's been and you know all the other stuff you ask someone when you haven't talked in a while. Last time we talked he had just gotten engaged and was moving towards marriage. Well hes now in another relationship and it's almost a year old...yeah its been a min since I talked to him. Some time ago I decided to stop talking to dudes who were in relationships.. I mean really whats the point of it ... I can have friendship with my girls. I don't really need that with a guy who's not mine. So along with a few others he was cut. I changed my number and just let them all go. At that time my married ex was calling me, another ex who I was frankly sick of, at least two other dudes who were in relationships, and  this guy  None of them could be the one for me so  one day I  had enough and said a silent good-bye and that was it. So we talked again tonight and we chatted a bit...I always did like his conversation...  We talked about relationships and if he was ready to pop the question again. He's not.
At 27 years old I just really don't see myself being involved with a man for longer then a year without him asking for forever. When is it too long to simply be 'in' a relationship? Is it wrong to expect more after a certain period of time? Personally I don't think so. I think that too many black women are 'in' relationships instead of being married.