2012 Goal 1. Getting My Happy Back

So bloggers I haven't been my normally happy self lately. I don't know why or even when it happened I just know that right now I'm not .... me. I'm not sad or depressed or anything like that .... just not happy. I think a lot of it has to do with just being in a rut. I almost never go out lately and when I do it's with co workers or other people who I can't really just be myself around, (I miss my girls). Right now I wake up everyday go to work, go to class, and then it's home to bed. By the time the weekend roll around... which I mostly work on.... I just want to relax with a book ... in silence. no words no sound... just me and a novel. GOSH when did I become so freakin Lame.
Goal 1. this year is to get my happy back, smile more (and mean it) laugh more, and get rid of this lameness.