Fear Not My Child Helen Baylor

In myself I've failed the Lord
Then was afraid to try once more
The fire in my soul had fled
That's when Jesus came and said

My spirit, gives the strength you need
To raise you up and to succeed
And for vision through the night
I'll give these words of light

Fear not my child
For I'm with you always
and I feel all of your pain
And I see all of your tears
Fear not my child
For I'm gonna be with you always
I know how to take care of
what belongs to me

He said my child don't look behind
Discouragement is all you're gonna find
Don't watch the waves as they roll on the sea
But just focus your eyes on me

And I will make you strong and then
Your shattered courage I'm gonna mend
And if you fall if you fall and should get hurt
Remember these eternal words
Fear not my child don't worry bout nothin for I'm gonna be with you always I'm gonna walk with you I'm gonna talk with you