Heel Envy (Hating)

I am so freakin hating on all thease high, freak 'em, heel wearing chicks. I can not wait until I drop another 50lbs b/c I am so doing the heel. I'm going to be 6'5 in them but oh well. I love sexy give it to me heels. lol The reason that I'm not into wearing them now is because I just think they are too much for me at my height and size. (Nothing agaist the big girls who are... hunnie more power to you
I am so hating on Ms. Naica in these wedge blue suede heels.

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E. Louise | August 2, 2012 at 8:36 PM

Ok so weight aside, the next issue will be finding your size!! LOL I hate seeing a 12, getting excited only to be let down cause they fit like CRAP!!! (stupid big toe)