...Pretty fat chicks..

I found this post online at http://caloriecount.com/ and wanted to share it.

This is just a gripe session, but it sort of relates to another thread about being ugly.
My gripe is, I am still, after almost two weeks of dieting and watching every calorie, 205 pounds on a 5'6" body. Ok. I went through the whole 'body acceptance' and 'be happy first, then lose weight' deal. I bought size 20 clothes from Lane Bryant (supposedly fashion conscious and chic), got my haircut, revamped my makeup routine and did everything possible to feel somewhat attractive at my current weight.

But it never fails that I run in to some 300 pound woman who's got heads turning in the supermarket. Not because she is huge, but because she is beautiful. These women emanate grace, beauty, sexuality. It isn't just me noticing. I can be out with my skinny friends who are no less attractive, according to my perception, yet we often get 'upstaged' by these truly big beauties that work a crowd like Marylin Monroe.

What is the freakin deal? I can't get a look at 200 pounds and size 20. I can't get a look at 150 pounds and size 14. Yet, I am plagued my the fact that there are women who wake up in the morning, ignore the scale, climb in to their size 28 jeans and take on the world!

Does that bother anyone else?
It is so important to have confidence in yourself and to believe that you are pretty ... everyone has issues just b/c you can't see them don't mean that they are all good with who they are... I think people should concentrate on themselves and their own happiness