Have you ever just wanted someone to be.. what they wasn't? Just wanted them to be .. more? That is how I feel about a lot of people in my life. I want them to be more strong, more kind.. more...THEM. The selfish thing is that I don't know if I want them to be this way for themselves or ... for me. I want them to be more hard working, more giving, more loving, more so that they can be someone I can love more, respect more. I want them to want more then just what they have, to be more then just what they are.
I keep meeting all these people who seem to almost be missing something... to not have enough of .. something. People who need MORE.
 I recently started to chat with a guy I used to date, and their are so many good things about him that maybe some other woman would be happy to call him her own, but I don't think that I would. I would like him to be more.. someone who I want to be more for. And while he is highly educated in the way of books and school.. I think his education is very lacking when it comes to women.. if only he knew..more.
Maybe the problem bloggers is that I need to be more. More understanding, more nice,... more ME. I don't know but the world seems to be full of empty people needing to be filled.