Last night after class I was talking to a classmate of mine, and I don't remember what we were talking about but I made a comment about me being fat. She said "don't be negative about yourself" I told her that I wasn't and went on to tell her how I feel about the word fat. Fat is often times used as an insult but in my world its just a fact. I have been fat all my life, it's just one thing about me. I told her that saying I'm fat is the same as saying I'm Black... again just some basic facts about who I am. I went on to tell her that I am a confident, beautiful, intelligent woman and adding the word fat to that group of words did not take from all the good things about me.
Guess what bloggers I'm fat, lol but then you know that by the pictures huh? :) If you have read any of my past blogs then you know that I have been fighting a battle with this 'fat' all my life, so saying I'm FAT does not bother me. This has been me forever, it would be crazy of me to have a problem with using that word after all I have no issue at all with any of the other words used to describe me ..pretty,cute, tall, nice, mean, fun, lame, shy and yeah fat. I am who I am and thats it.
Again I am not saying being fat is all good lol in fact I have written about how hard it was for me growing up as a fat little girl and how hard it is today living as a fat Lady BUT like I always say happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy

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Anonymous | December 10, 2010 at 8:37 AM

Hey Lady!
This was an awesome read! I myself am a Fat Woman and while that word used to bother me, I feel I am more accepting of this fact about myself now. Sometimes I say thick, sometimes I say fat.
You are right; the word Fat doesnt take away from all of the good things we possess :-) Very Insirational.

Whats funny is, yesterday I tweeted "Where are all the Fat Happy people"...Because here I am, fighting this battle of weight and food and all that. I weighed myself a couple nights ago and Yes I was bothered at the number...But I truly want to be happy being exactly who I am and where I am right now in my life. Its Ultimately up to me!

You are an amazing person and it comes out through your blog. Happiness is a choice and I am so happy to hear that you choose to be happy :-)