Another day

So it's almost my birthday. I'm going to do a little thing with my friends on the date and the next weekend (since I couldn't get off this weekend) I'm going to New Orleans. Don't get me wrong bloggers I like N.O. and everything but to be honest I would rather spend my day at home with family, friends, some good food and a cake. Birthdays are not really my families thing we are a little wried that way... so my friends and I are going to go to a nice jazz club and than to a fun party.
So 28 bloggers and I know this is not New Years but I feel good about 28. For the first time in a while I have some real direction, I know where I want to go and I know (somewhat) how to get there. School is going really well and I'm enjoying knowing that I am doing really well and will soon be done. 

Enjoying your life is simply a matter of the way that you feel.   ... by IDK found it on the net and loved it