TIDE no R needed

Yall I am TIDE no R needed.

I need a vacay from everything … mostly work. The good news is I finally made the first move to completing my education, which was my goal when I came to this company almost 3 years ago. Crazy how plans change huh? I need 2 vacations, 1 with my friends who I almost never see anymore (maybe the dude) and one just in my apartment by myself (no dude) with about 50 books. It was such a bad idea for me to schedule myself for all these damn hours. Tide is not a good look for me. I need to do my hair, some skin treatments, I need to sleep, and I’m moody as hell. I go from wanting to punch somebody in the face to crying all in 24 hours. I am stressed the f...ummm freak out!!  And wouldn’t you know it, on my off day I have agreed to have my niece and God-daughter over for food and movies…… the stupid things we do.