HI ...LONG TIME...and all that jazz

I haven't written in a while I know but between work and class I just don't really have the time to think much less blog. I have so missed just putting down my thoughts. So how am I? Well to be honest  the summer was horrible for me all the way around... car trouble... hair trouble... fashion trouble ... I don't know something about 100 degree heat and no air does that to me BUT fall is here and I for one LOVE the fall. So new car check... hair experiments... check... and I'm working on the fashion. I am ready for... EVERYTHING. Still fat yall ... I'm always honest about that. Am I disappointed in me yeah BUT everyday is a new day to get better ... thinking about printing up an old friends pics or at least looking at them often to convince myself that its possible....Joining weight watchers soon, wish me luck. I imagine that WW is like AA for fat ppl..." Hello my name is Pamieka and I'm a foodaholic"