Mr. picture man

I want her picture painted
like they used to do before cameras
but you don't have to truly capture her appearance
I want you to capture her soul
etch it across canvas so that it lives on for others to see
Mr.picture man choose a bright color to that they can see the smiles hiding inside
and a dark one to showcase her pain
I want you to paint her
maybe a blue for the tears that she has shed in this life
maybe a green to show the life she leaves behind
it doesn't have to resemble a person
but instead maybe a ray of colors that resemble her mind
I want you to paint her the way she is
no camouflage
I want to see the anger the disappointments, sadness,... hurt I want to her as she is
pick a yellow to show the brightness she has brought us all
possibly a red to show frustration
Mr.picture man I want you to paint her
can you show her love and selflessness her indifference and selfishness
I want this picture to be of her
I want to sit for hours and glaze upon it knowing that it is of someone beautiful
someone human
Mr. picture man I want her memory captured, her pictured painted