UpDate -5/9/14

Has it really been over a year.. two, since I wrote anything here? Gosh!! Sooo hello blog.. I'm still me. Still fat in fact more fat but whatever. I know that I need to make major life changes to change that. I'm almost not single. yeah blog world almost. I have been dating someone for the past month and a half and I am crazy feeling him. He's nice. He makes me laugh, and we talk for hours. I like being in his company. So what's the issue? well ummmm lol. He's 22... I'm 30. I'm at a point where I'm kinda ok with it, he being 8 years younger but it takes some getting used to and I'm sure we will face a bit of opposition from family. We shall see where this leads bolggers.

fast forward .... He was SUPER CRAZY lololololol