Just Me

Its been a while since I wrote about being fat huh. Well I'm still fat, still me and still fighting to be happy with who I am and all that I am everyday. I have many skinny friends, in fact I don't really have any close fat friends.. it's an issue I have... but lets leave that for now. I often wonder about used to be fat people and how they stay not fat. Whats their motivation? How do they do it and not go back? A really good friend of mine used to be plus sized and she told me that after she lost the weight she just didn't understand how she had let herself get that big. "Mieka I'm never going to be fat again." It's been six years and sista girl is still little. She really wasn't playin. How did she do it? She worked her butt off. She dieted and did extreme exercise and it worked for her.. not once did she throw in the towel and stop. Yall I need some of that willpower. Maybe I have just never really wanted it enough... I don't know but as of today I am still fat and everyday I realize that this is not healthy. I'm confident in who I am but I want a long simple life ... Being fat is  not healthy nor is it easy...in fact being fat is hard some days harder than others.