Happy Day mommy

It's my grandma b-day!! My grandmother has always been the most important person in my life. She raised me and my brothers and sister. She has always been there no matter how many times we have messed up... and let me tell you bloggers ...we have messed up, some more than others. Her love has always been strong and her arms are always open.  My grandmother is one of the reasons I have so much faith and so much hope, she put those feelings in my heart from a very early age. She taught me that even when the world has treated you bad and friends have turned their  back ..YOU can still stand up be strong and walk forward. The first time I went to college I thought it was time to party unfortunately I didn't do much real class work. When my grades dropped and I lost my grants, my grandmother looked at me told me to stop crying "I'll give you the money...Go back. Everybody make mistakes Mieka, you just don't keep making them."
Happy-Day to the strongest, most loving, giving person I know