Ok bloggers every once in a while I have to pull myself back. I was just talking to an old friend of mine, we dated for a short time about four years ago. Every few months I call him and talk a lil crazy... you know "So when we going get together" just joking. Well we didn't work out four years ago because I ended things. I just didn't think we would make it long term. I thought we were better friends and since sex wasn't apart of our relationship it was easy to make the friend transition. Every so often I ask myself if I made the right decision. After all 30 is getting closer everyday and I'm still not married and holding babies. It can be kinda scary when everyone around you is tying the knot and getting pregnant and you're not. Well this guy and I chatted for a while and we talked about his girlfriend (just what they did for her b-day), and I had to stop myself from flirting. Crazy I know, the dude is with someone! (No single female friends for my man) I know that he and I make better friends, but this single thing ALMOST had me tripping. Luckily I caught myself. I'm not that scandalous.
I don't think I have one single girlfriend right now. The closest thing I have to single girlfriends are 2 friends who are both in relationships; one is living with her boyfriend (I hate the word boyfriend, I just don't think it should be used after a certain age) and the other  has been in an off again on again relationship for years. So it's just me bloggers. Dating guys that I find lacking, being approached by losers, and SINGLE. The only good thing about being single is knowing that I haven't made a mistake by tying myself to someone I can no longer stand to be around. ...But to be honest this single thing is starting to get old.