Hair Growth

I have been natural for 6 months now. Natural Hair is defined as, unprocessed hair that has not been chemically altered in texture or color. This journey has been very hard for me because being natural is not as simple as getting a perm. When I first did this I was just thinking that I wouldn't get a perm and that would be it. Bam! I'm Natural.  It wasn't that simple.In the 6 months that I have been natural I have spent more money on my hair than I did in more than a year of having  permed hair. Finding the right products for natural hair is much harder than finding ones for natural hair. I thought I could just keep doing my hair the same way as before, well that quickly went out the window. I won't say that I feel so 'free' now that I'm not permed nor will I claim that I won't one day..maybe in a year or so get permed again. This was not a way for me to find my 'blackness' lol. It's was just a different look for me. 
I love when I'm wearing a wig or sew-in and tell people I'm natural. They always look at my skin color and assume that I have this nice curly hair lol. It's thick, not curly, and can get very dry.
This is days after my cut

2 months give or take

3months -I think

5mo going on 6months