All or Nothing

Dating is hard bloggers, really it is. Recently a friend of mine went out with this dude and she found herself questioning weather or not he was honest. Well at the time I didn't give it much thought because quite frankly I could care less if the dudes I have been dating lately are honest or not. (I haven't liked any of them beyond a few dates) So there was no wondering or asking myself 'Is this dude 4real?' Well I find myself thinking about my friend right now and how she feels about trusting men.
Relationships have not at all been easy or kind to me. I don't think that all men are going to cheat or lie but I do think that it is hard to determine if you are dating a honest guy. Right now I'm asking myself that question. When it comes to relationships and men I have learned to take everything at face value until I am shown otherwise. .. and believe me when I say it doesn't take much for me to see that a guy who looks to be a nice honest guy isn't. Another thing that I have learned bloggers is that sex makes it very difficult to see a lie coming or to recognize a cheater. It is so important to just get to know the person you're dating before even thinking about being intimate with them. It makes it easier to break up with them and so simple to leave when you find out he's not what he claims. I'm not giving advice with this blog I'm just reminding myself why I'm not in nor have been in a sexual relationship in years. It is so very easy to let yourself fall into lust but it's never worth it to give your all only to watch him walk away later.


No need for love
Unless it’s Mr. oh, Mr. Right
And only because
Mixin’ lust with love only mean a fight
‘Cuz there’ll be dues to pay
And most of all many sleepless nights
But that won't be today, no
Guess I’ll see ya, love, it’s been nice
Until then...