I need a new city. This one has lousy fishing.
fishing with my right hand throwing them back with my left
another one caught another one not good enough
Maybe its me and not the fish
my pole is too long... not long enough
Maybe I'm in the wrong river.
Maybe I need a lake.

Happy day bloggers
I so need a new job I am over the one I have. New plan of action fill out a new application every day until I'm somewhere else. Weight... do we even have to go there... lets not.. really people it's bad, maybe I'll have better news in a week. Found a new workout buddy I think this one is a keeper, we shall see. It is so hard to find someone who will actually workout .. not that I need a partner if I want this I can do it all by myself, but company is nice. Love update... read above... something is just not working for me there bloggers. I just want a honest cute, smart, tall, guy to spend some time with, get to know, get married to, have sex with, and have a baby with that's all ....where is he universe. Life update... sick of school but it is a mission I must complete, I need a new place, a fun-cation and than a vacation, and I need my friends to jump on the not lame, fun train.   *My smile is in place

Same day a little later
New plan II
I need to find a church bloggers. A for real church where people believe in GOD and aren't just there for show. A church where people are living everyday like it's Sunday and not drunk, cussing and partying up until it's time to go to church and than again after the sermon is over.