I'm 29 smarter than many, beautiful in my spirit, and kind in my soul. Am I the most intelligent? No. The sweetest? No.  Am I always right? .... NO. But who I am is someone who knows what I want, what I need, and what I deserve, and I am smart enough to know when those things aren't the same thing. At 20 there was alot that I was willing to accept from people.... At 25 a little less... and now both those times in my life are worlds away. I would rather be single than to be with someone who doesn't deserve ME. ... for everything that I am... fun, lame, crazy, mean, insecure, nice, selfish, honest, faithful, confident, selfless... ME. You NEVER have to like me but this is me, and I'm ok with that. I have overcome so many hurt feelings, so much self doubt that I am not at all willing to let any but the best in my life. Everyone else in the world should feel the same way. YOU are too good for drama, and too much for nonsense. YOU are a better person than to allow people who aren't good for you in your life!

I have been running into people who have made me rethink my past, my future and my present. I ran into an old friend who I'm not friends with anymore, a ex-boyfriend who at one time was a good friend and an old co-worker who is doing really well now and it just made me think bloggers...(I also had a run in with a crazy) about my life and me. Anyway ... Smile Still Bright.... Lets start this day again... the right way "Thank you God ... for EVERYTHING"