a drive

Went to the country today just for a visit. We only got out the car for a minuet. We mostly just drove around and looked. For my grandmother it was a chance to see the place were her parents lived, cried, loved and was laid to rest. A place that she long remembered. For my aunt it was the beginning. The start of her life, her first school, her first home. And me well for me it was a place that held history and life. I don't know what I expected but in no way was it the knowledge I received. The land is so beautiful there, trees that reached the sky and the prettiest green grass as far as the eye can see and every few miles a lake that spoke of peace and serenity. My grandmother use to live on a piece of that land. A long time ago but yet not that long at all. It belonged to her parents and it was the land that she was raised on, the place she spent her childhood. It was the first time that I had seen this land that had at one time been owned by my family. The first time that I had seen where she and her siblings were raised. Looking at the simple beauty of the land I couldn't understand why this wasn't a place that we still could come to and relax. But then she told me. like most black families in the south at that time who were somewhat of a success they constantly faced racism. The land was taken from her family by white southerns. Although her father had completely paid for the land after his death the land was taken away. The story is sad but no more then any other normal southern black family of that time.