miss you

so.....I miss you today...Dreamed of you last night and it was almost like you were still here. I could see the reddish brown color of your skin and your big smile that use to light up your whole face. And in this dream I could see your white head of hair.... it was a dream about the good times before the cancer and the kemo. We were in the car going... :), I don't no where.. Probably you just taking me to shop for a book or something that I wanted.... because that was so like you. ... We were together just you and me on a pretty spring day riding down the street in that old blue car that you loved so much. Just you and me. I could almost here your laugh, so loud and free so... you, hear you saying my name again. I woke up before the end of the dream and for about an hour I just laid their in bed with my eyes close hoping for another view of you....Man I miss you today so close to spring.. miss seeing you sitting outside in the yard, playing with some ole' wondering dog looking for a home, miss you dancing the jig and telling me stories about your childhood...I really just........miss you