.. Dresses

I am so fabulous today. :) Beautiful and I so know it lol. I didn't wake up today and wish I was another size, today I am more then ok being me fat and all. Like I said in my last blog I only have those days about twice a month and I'm sure that ladies you know what I mean. I'm taking a small trip today just going to visit some old friends from college and I am so happy to be doing this. I haven't seen them since last year and some even longer then that. I so hope that my best friend and I have a ball on this trip. I may be wearing a dress.! that's BIG for me.
The last time I wore a dress I was in the seventh grade and even though I had gained my confidence two years before it was still very fragile. The dress was a Christmas present from my mother and I still can remember opening the box and seeing it. I instantly loved that dress. I remember thinking that it looked so grown up (which is a big thing to a little girl) and so pretty. I wore it exactly one time. I walked into school that day with my head up and a little make-up that my aunt had given me and I remember thinking that I was IT! The day was half way over when some girls let me know how NOT it I was.
Now I'm not the kind of person who believes every negative thing that someone says to me in fact I'm the kind of person now who could care less about what someone thinks of me. I guess at that age and not having my confidence long the insults kind of stayed with me.
So I have a dress its crazy to me that I actually bought one. My aunt has been trying to get me to buy dresses for years (something about me being tall and how they'll look pretty) now I have. I guess I'll let you know If I were it. If I don't it won't be because f the things those girls said that day (I don't think....I hope not) It'll be because maybe the style's not for me, remember it the first in years and years.