plus sized model -
There's no activity I love more then shopping unless it's shopping with someone else money :). So when my aunt asked did I want to go to a few stores on Saturday afternoon I was more then ready to go after all the worst that could happen is that I wouldn't find any thing that I really liked in which case I could always find a cute bracelet or even better a hot bag which is a purse that is so gorgeous that you have to leave the store with it.
Shopping can really be an ordeal when you're overweight. Even when things are the right size there's always a chance that its just not the right outfit for your body type. Just b/c its fits doesn't mean you should buy. I always like to look my best. I think its important as a fat person that you do. There are just so many wrong perception out there about us.
This shopping trip has let me a little depressed not only did I not find a outfit that worked I didn't even fine a cute bag. : ( ooh to be skinny.