dating... shhh

I decided after my last relationship ... or rather "dating thing" lol that I wouldn't let my family meet the guy until I was more sure about the dude. .. and that still stands. I'm not even telling my bff b/c I think she pick and choose who she tell me about so this time its all me, no one else whispering in my ear about how cute he is or what a good man he seems to be.. Not doing that again.
My family tends to think that as long as a man has a good job then hes a good man, throw in a college degree and you have a winner who's a possible husband. I have come to find that to be VERY untrue. Take one of my exs for example.. H e had a job and went to work every day. He never called out. Problem? He had no ambition not an ounce of it he was completely ok with making $7 an hour and living with a family member, I couldn't understand it, and still don't. I mean why not go out and get more, he wouldn't even go for a better paying job when he had the chance... like I said no ambition. My family loved him after all he was nice and very respectful. My aunt has been telling me what a good man he is for the past 2 years even though she don't know him and if the roles were reversed she wouldn't even smile his way. My friend understands what I'm talking about but she really has no opinion on him. I dated him for about 6-7 months. We are still friends.
Another guy I was dating had a career not JUST a job and not one but two college degrees. No need to say my family thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. THE dude was a psycho. I mean completely it's funny now but at the time it was really scary. He kinda just fell really hard for me tooo fast. I knew smething was up right away, told the family and they woluld not hear it at all. They were in love even if I wasn't. My aunt convinced me that I didn't know what was best for me (meaning him) and I listened to her. I shouldn't have. The man was off his rocker. By the end of the relationship I was literally afraid of him. He didn't hit me or anything like that but his emotions were over whelming...We dated for 5-6 months
I'm so happy I was smart enough to not sleep with either of them and that I'm not at all easy. The psyco would have lost it all the way lol.

This time aroud I'm keeping it to myself.


Poetic_Butterfly | March 29, 2010 at 11:19 PM

hey its good that your realizing your past dating and past relationships errors, I think it best to get to know a person for a good awhile and don't invite them to your family unless you both have realize that your serious with one another and know where your going. I looking forward to having a serious relationship one day but realizing you have to date and take your time with your selections, Good luck girl and have fun with dating =) Mingle

pennanddpaperr . | March 31, 2010 at 7:46 PM

good post!

i have vowed the same thing about not letting a guy meet my family untill we're serious. although most guys are incapable of being serious about anyting.. *rolls eyes.*

thanks for following!