lost friend

It seems that I have lost a friend. And not just any friend, but the person who taught me just what real friendship is. I met her my first year of college, close to seven years ago. We were both walking to class when she said hi and asked me what class I was going to. After a joke we were all set to be friends. She introduced me to her roommate and we became a threesome. Although I have never made friends easily I had a few from the past but none who were as close to me as she became in just a short amount of time.
The first really close friend that I had was a girl named Ericka we met in the seventh grade and were inseparable by the eighth grade. But like all friendships between girls at an to early age their was a boy...lol to be honest he was her boyfriend and stayed that way for two years. Once we got to high school everything began to change. Ericka's relationship ended and the friendship I had with her ex was stronger then ever in fact we became best friends. Somewhere along Ericka and I stopped being friends and for years the only best friend...friend... that I had was a guy. I met my current best friend, Candace, in the 11th grade but we didn't become really close until college.
I wish that I could fix all that has gone wrong between my lost friend and I but the more I try the more distant she seems to becomes. Recently I decided to just simply let it go b/c I can't force her to want to fix this...I can't make her be my friend. But I am sorry that I have lost someone that I very much love and who showed me what friendship is.

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Poetic_Butterfly | March 29, 2010 at 11:42 PM

I am sorry to hear about your lost friendship, I been there and done that as well this happened to me last year like you i realize you can't force a friendship especially when a person become distant. Just take this a gained lesson and realized you will meet new people and develop more friendships=)