Kite Day

It's so pretty today. It's a kite day, sunny, bright, and windy. It's just so pretty. I wish I had a kite to fly.

The last time I flew a kite was about four years ago. My best friend and I went to walmart on a day much like today and bought things that normally would be for children. One of those things was a kite. On pretty days we would stand out in front on our dorms and fly our kites, laughing and remembering what it was like to do the same thing 10 years before. People would drive by looking at us laughing and shouting things out there window (mostly guys) but we had fun.. every now and then one of our dorm-mates would come out and stand with us or fly the kites with us and yes laugh with us. I miss those days. My best friend now has an almost 2 year old, work 2 jobs, and go to school... not much time for kite flying.
I truly believe that some people forget how to have fun. Yes as we grow older we must mature (I hope you do lol), but it is my opinion that we must never forget the feeling of flying a kite on a pretty day. So every once in a while go do something that's JUST fun!! Laugh at yourself. Blow bubbles in the wind, swing in the park, and yea fly a kite.


Poetic_Butterfly | March 29, 2010 at 10:40 PM

That definetly sounds like some good old fun with you bud( friend) great as a memory

Anonymous | March 30, 2010 at 12:08 AM

You're right Pamieka, never forget how to have fun. It's as important as maintaining a job. Kite flying....hummmm, not a bad idea to do this Spring. Anyway, I'm your new follower and just peeking in to see what was happening over here. I'll be back. I like your easy reading.
- Haupi