Fat people

Is it crazy for me to say I don't like fat people? lol I mean really. But maybe I should say fat people who ACT fat, the stereotype fat person. you know sleepy and sad all the time. I just want to hit them with something and say "GET UP, BE HAPPY". And then you have the stereotype 'black' fat woman, loud and weaved out with $45 dollar nails and a to lil shirt...ohhwwwhhhh come on people!!! wait..that one is sometimes me lol (not the $45 part more like $25)... well the first one really is the people who get on my first and last. They never seem to be cute and they don't do the hair... OK you're fat .."GET OVER IT!!!..or do something about it if you don't like it so much that you can't even be happy. And yes I have my days (read the blog) BUT it's not everyday all day.