Over it

ok bloggers not so mad at her today... still pissed about the b-day thing, but I realize that I should have said something. In fact there are a lot of times in my life when I should say something and stop being so afraid that those close to me will walk away... After all love is proved by actions and if they are there for me then I will know and theres no point in them even being apart of my life if they don't care. ... Another reason I'm letting go is b/c I do love my friend and I know she loves me. I don't think shes out to hurt me or anything like that. I just think that in a lot of ways her personality  is like mine. It takes a lot for my bestie to really talk to someone about the really important things and I know this... she is also very closed mouthed if anything more so then I am. She go though the same family drama I do (like most ppl) if not more and I think that when you come from that setting it makes it really hard to open up to someone and place your heart in their hands.
And like I said if I don't say anything how are you to know that your words or actions have hurt me?
I think that like me she keeps a lot of things close and since we're both like that it makes it really hard to be friends. But we have been doing it for years so something is going right.  I love her, shes there when I call and sometimes b4 I do, she makes me laugh though my tears...... shes my friend

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Anonymous | June 3, 2010 at 11:09 AM

Those kind of friends are rare Pamieka so sometimes its just best to let some things slide. We all need therapy and have family backgrounds that were less than perfect and we need to know that while our friends should be there when we need them....we have to realize that in reality we are our own best friend. It's summer time, so enjoy this weekened! Smile.