Natural...simple? ..I don't think so

ok people so I'm still on this natural hair journey. Some days I love it and others I come close to hating it. When I first got this cut unlike alot of my friends I didn't transition at all. I shaved down my sides and the back and let the top be... I have some growth and it's all good but I love different styles and I just really can't do that now. I mean I can wig it some but unlike in my younger days I hate weave. It's just really not my thang. In my personal opinion black woman are to fat and to fake (weave) now don't be offended ppl. I'm a black woman and I love being me but it is what it is and in my neck of the woods this statement just happens to be true ...maybe where you at its a different story... and yeah I know white women were just as much fake hair as we do ...but anyway all thats for a different day. Today I just want to know why people make going natural so hard... I thought this would all be so simple but its not. There are certain products you're not to use and some that you just have to. This is a lil crazy to me. I didn't do the natural thing so that I could " be less white" or " more black" hunni this is as black as it gets perm or no perm lol... I mean people kinda go crazy when they get on this train. Everyday I tell myself that I will watch no more youtube vids about what to put on natural hair and everyday at a free moment I find myself watching... THIS is 'pose to be simple.... guess what?.... its not. With my light skin and light brown eyes and my always pretty premed locks you would think that my natural state would be all Joan like (Girlfriends) hunni it is so sooooo not lol . Not that I don't sometimes love it but hunni some days it kills me. Lately I been thinking of getting a TWA (lil fro) but the thought of rocking it with no big hoops in my ears scares me more then a lil bit... and I can't ware them at work. So I'm at a cross roads.... oh well I said that I would do this for at least a year and see what happens so I'm committed..unless I wake up one morning and say to hell with it lol ...anyway I need to go wash my hair, deep condition and hot oil it .......

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Anonymous | June 30, 2010 at 6:56 PM

Wow. You look great! I haven't been here in a while, so I didn't know about your big chop. I did mine a few year back and yes all the advise on those youtube videos are draining and conflicting. But what are you gonna do. I do a co-wash once a week and just use grease and twist every night. My hair is about 8" now and my natural curls has it's own'll see. Congratulations, it's tough in the beginning but so worth it as time passes.