3lbs more

Last night I had all these ideas about things I wanted to blog about but the only thing that comes to mind right now is that I have lost 3 more pounds ..thats right ppl ...Crazy right? but then if yall only knew how much this appendectomy has affected me ...I'm so ready to be done with the pain... but b/c of it I'm eatting almost nothing.  I mean come on I need to go back to work ...Bills wait on no man... or woman for that matter.
Early this week I was talking to my aunt...thats my life saving aunt...if it wasn't for her coming all the way to my city from hers and taking me to the hospital ... well ppl lets just say no more Ms.Mieka... Well anyway I told her that this whole experience is just messing up my life... Her reply was that this experience could possibly change my life ... for the best .. and be the start of something awesome..And you know what ppl I think shes right. So far I have lost 35lbs thats almost more then I have ever lost while trying to lose weight and believe me it took lots longer. If I gain this weight back for any reason I'm going to need one of you to come slap me ...thats right just come on down and lay me out ...real talk...
 I will keep you posted on how this goes wish me luck... As someone who have ALWAYS been fat....Always ... loosing the weight is just not easy for me...My aunt ...yes same one... made a comment about that ...she said that its very hard to envision what has never been or what you have never seen therefore making the dream harder to obtain ... So this won't be easy for me ... fat is all I have been ... not that I want to be skinny...just less fat : )