happily married?

I so wish I could love this lil dude ...like I so do.
ever met someone who should have been right but for whatever reason just wasn't...thats how this is. I want to be in F the world love.. I'm with you, you're with me, and we're happy kind of love...I'm not sure if many people find that ...I mentioned it b4 but I really don't know many happily marred people..but I know ALOT of married people. Life can take you through some strange things, and some crazy places BUT you should never stay somewhere thats unhappy for you. WHY would you? I personlly don't believe in divorce ... I think you should work it out... have some staying power... sit back and remember what it was that made you fall for him/her. The problem is that I think people are getting married ...just b/c. I can't see myself staying somewhere forever when its just not right.