Clothes On!!

... Can you ...Really?

In a resent conversation with my aunt about sex, something was said to me that I thought was just ... well profound lol... She said "Expose yourself to me without taking off your clothes" I love this statement...even told her I was going to take it lol.
In my personal opinion I feel that women often give up everything for men and get little in return if anything. Now I'm not trying to offend any men. but I really do feel that this is the truth of the matter. No I don't feel that all women are 'good" but I do think that we look at sex very different then men. Now I may have mentioned in a previous blog that sex has been a long time ago for me... I won't say how long but hey it's been a minute. :) I think that often women when sexual with men find that their heart is involved even if at first they didn't intend for it to go that far. I don't think this is the case for men, in fact I have been told by men that sex is just sex any number of times. In the John Legend song Number One feat. Kanye West, In West's verse he says "my heart don't got nothing to do with my penis" I think that alot of men feel this way, In fact I was actually told this my one of my exs after he admitted to me that he had cheated...(another blog). This could not be further from the truth for women has everything to do with their heart.... Don't believe me? In an ABC American Survey it is noted that only about 30% of women always have orgasms during sex and only 45% sometimes have them. Still think women are in it just for e sex. Almost half of all women in America who are having sex with their partners are unsatisfied when it comes to the sex in their relationships..yet they are still in their relationships.
I personally think that their is a lack of conversation. You need to feel comfortable enough with your mate to tell him what you like, and what it is that you are not getting.. if he's their for you, and love you then he cares. A friend of mine recently told me that she has never had an orgasm...she was with her last boyfriend for about five years me this speaks of lack of communication on her part or a lack of caring on his.
I think that the problem is that people often just jump into bed with out even knowing the person they are sleeping with. If you barely know his name how are you to feel comfortable telling him what it is that you like.
So the solution in my eyes is to keep them clothes ON!!! Just get to know him, laugh with him, and become friends. Stop being so afraid that he won't be there if you don't sex him ... if he goes away..well guess what he wasn't going to be around long anyway.