All the way Natural

Ok Bloggers I did it... and I so love it. All the way natural, I was so freaking scared but I am so happy I did this. This cut is Just for me, no one else just Pamieka. I think that often as black women we hide behind our hair... well guess what ... I don't have any to hide behind. In the words of Mary.."Take me as I am, or have nothing at all." As I said before I didn't start this journey because I wanted to be "less white" and "more black" I did this because I have been getting a perm for as long as I can remember and I just simply wanted to know what it was like ..and what my hair would look like without one.. So here I am World...What? lol Aren't I just beautiful. :) I am so loving me right now.
For the longest time I would not cut my hair... I just wouldn't. I live down south and the men here are hair crazy. I mean they want it to be down your back or you simply aren't good enough. I have a cousin who only wants to dates light skinned long haired girls..and the crazy thing is I think hes into dark skinned it's crazy how many people are like this in our race. I'm so happy to be apart of this natural movement that seems to be taking over the world. " Hey Naturals you are Beautiful and I for one love you for being You."