11lbs more.... 46lbs total

OMG so I just got off the scale...and what do I find... I have lost 11 more pounds... that's 46lbs total people..thats right 46 pounds lost. Its 2am and I so need to be asleep but since I'm not I said why not check and see what this thing says..... Ok now yall this illness has laid me low, I mean sicker then a dog, wouldn't want to EVER do it again but OMG 46lbs ....if you're not fat you just don't even know.... I have now officially lost more weight then I ever have in my life ... and that life has been spent with many fat hang ups, stupid non-fat people...and fat people insults, family jokes, and simply days spent trying to loose the weight... Really ppl if I don't keep this off and do right PLEASE come hit me.